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About Us

Who We Are?

PMC TRAVEL CLUB is created to redistribute wealth by establishing a network of entrepreneurs who know that network marketing is the 21st century business, making millionaires everyday and empowering every individual.

PMC TRAVEL CLUB is a unique multi-level marketing company which was borne out of the zeal to eradicate poverty through leveraging. We are dedicated to the financial growth and of our esteemed members by creating a compensation plan. With the massive spillover, you are on your way to the very top within the shortest period.

Our per down line earnings is a bit to reward and motivate you that your efforts are being appreciated and everyone is being recognized.

About Us

Our Mission

To create a friendly networking platform for multi-level networkers to run their networking business to achieve high quality of life and prosperity.

To use digital technology to bring a complete business solutions to businesses.

To eradicate unemployment in the society through skill/business empowerment, providing high networking services with the urge to be the best at all time, adding values to all members.

Our Vision

We are a team driven by passion to deliver the utmost in network services as we are focused on being synonymous with excellence in networking and creating superior multi-level marketing initiatives that will eradicate poverty and unemployment.